Discover the rich history behind our brand!

We invite you to join this Family Project to establish a Dough Factory with organic materials and create different collectible kits of sensory toys, so children play again in the traditional way, moving away from screens, developing their creativity and stimulating their senses and capacities while playing.

This Project was born from an unexpected Family Trip to visit Cami and Roro, the family superhero, who has inspired us with his creativity and talent, while advancing each of his battles won in our Parish St. Agnes Church in Key Biscayne, which allowed us to move forward with this capitalist partner called Papa Dios.

Play Box is an enterprise where each of the family members of the Family played a fundamental role, creating the first dough factory of our community, offering a new alternative of a local handmade product to entertain the kids.

In gratitude 10% of the profit will be donated to St. Agnes Church in return for the support received. We hope you like our product as it was made with a lot of love.

Roro's Drawings

Roro's Drawing